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    1 year ago

    #Unfashionable Teacher

    I’m pretty sure teachers are the ones who began wearing ugly sweaters (albeit they seemed to have no idea). And since we are all educators, I think it would be great to have an “Unfashionable Teacher Day.”

    Break is almost here, and let’s be honest…getting all gussied up and fashionable right before break is essentially impossible. So why not celebrate the *oh so close* break by sporting our ugliest Christmas/winter/holiday sweaters??

    I propose an Ugly Unfashionable Christmas Sweater Day for your last teaching day before break!

    Make sure to hashtag your photo!

    P.S. If you’re already on break, still put on that hideous sweater, because we all know they’re incredibly comfy! The perfect clothes to relax in :]

    unfashionable teacher

    ugly Christmas sweaters

    fashionable teacher

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      I love this idea!!
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      Listen, I am just not sure I can swing that- we are going on a field trip to the movies and then the mall that day and I...
    5. acatnamedcuriosity said: my school are doing this. i have socks jumper and headwear all planned to match!
    6. redheadchickenmama said: According to my husband, all my sweaters are ‘frumpy’ for they are what I wear to work…never mind that they are all perfectly servicable…he has started to hate *every one*. Never mind the myriad of colors and textures…LOL
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      My school is actually having an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” teacher dress-up (down??) day on Thursday! I can’t wait to...
    9. hbrunnergirl said: Our school actually does this haha.
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      What happens if I’m already an unfashionable teacher? Should I dress fashionably?
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      Sounds fun!